Expert document design, creation, editing and formatting

Why is it your PC knows exactly when you’re under pressure and decides to stop co-operating just at the moment you have to get something done? Your Word template won’t load, your Excel spreadsheet won’t format, your PowerPoint deck won’t display your charts. You’ve spent hours on that proposal and yet it still lacks… something. Do you need some branded document support? That expert touch. That special polish that tells the world that you’re a professional and that you haven’t spent all night wrestling with Excel formulas.

Take the stress out of producing your next proposal, spreadsheet or presentation with an outsourced document resource

What if you could hand over the document creation to an expert while you get on with your day? Or, what if you had a bank of ready-to-use documents. Templates, formatted to your specifications, your requirements and your branding?

Think of the time you could save and therefore, the opportunities you could create. The impression you will make and as a result, the energy you could dedicate to where it really matters. No more stressing over layouts, tweaking and re-working. Just load up the content and then you’ll be ready to wow your customers, colleagues and peers!

I can help you get more done and make you look good at the same time, so while I’m quietly helping you out in the background, you can focus on the subject of your documents. Rather than stressing over why the boxes won’t line up in your Word table. You can dedicate time to engaging your customers, confident in the knowledge that your written documentation will be first-rate.

Here’s a sample of some of the document design and creation services I offer:

  • Word template design: Ready-formatted and branded documents so you can present your information in exactly the right format, consistently, every time
  • PowerPoint presentation template design: Ready-formatted and branded PowerPoint slide decks. Every slide option ready for you to simply add your content
  • Excel spreadsheet creation: Make data analysis, reporting and presentations a breeze with spreadsheets. Dashboards designed and ready formatted, formulas embedded, pivot tables and graphs ready and just waiting for your data
  • Excel macros design: Easily update regular reports with macros that take the time and effort out of data analysis, because who wants to do the same thing over and over again?
  • Project management and planning: Stay on top of project deployment, management and reporting, meaning that every critical step of your project is tracked and visible
  • Fillable forms creation: Gather essential information with bespoke forms. For example, job applications, competition entries, surveys or customer feedback forms that are simple to use and collect vital data
  • Document management: Share and store documents with version, ownership and user tracking via SharePoint or other collaboration tools. Making document audit trails effortless
  • Process efficiency documents: Capture the vital processes, user guides and policies for your team to help them get the job done and meet their targets
  • Infographics, images and meme creation: Visuals that help tell your story and also engage your readers
Before: the layout of the text in this document is boring
After: This is a much more interesting document layout

I don’t just work with Microsoft Office. I’ve years of experience designing and generating tailored documents and templates for a wide variety of clients. I can probably teach you a few new tricks.

In addition, I also provide a range of bespoke virtual office admin solutions that will take the hassle out of running your business. Visit my Business support page for more details.

For more examples of the documents and templates I can create, view my gallery.

In conclusion, do yourself, your reputation and your blood pressure a favour. Contact me for help with your document design and creation. I will save you time and effort and make you look good!